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10 Common Questions about Ortho-K(OK Lens)

Posted on May 28, 2019 under Eye Condition Share

Tired from wearing glasses, mid-day dry eyes from wearing contact lenses or vision getting blurry from eye strain due to long working hours in front of digital screens? My vision can get so blurry that I’m unable to work for the rest of the day. Eye drops or glasses couldn’t help, all I can do is to give my eyes a break or call it a day.

Lasik may solve the problem but I’m not sure I’m ready for it. I was introduced to Ortho-K(OK Lens) as known as Orthokeratology/Cornea Reshaping Therapy(CRT) at W OPTICS. All I need to care about was the maintenance for these hard lenses (pretty much similar with monthly contact lenses). Apart from managing myopia progression in children, adults can also benefit from the effect of wearing these overnight lenses too.

Basically, you need to wear it to sleep and take it off the next day when you wake up, you’ll have clear vision without the need of glasses throughout the day. So this cycle repeats every day. I have summarised a list of my questions about Ortho-K treatment.

Measurement taking of the cornea for making customised Ortho-K lens

Cornea health check for Ortho-K suitability. Based on your eye health and lifestyle, not everyone are suitable.

Can Ortho-K correct astigmatism? How high?

Orthokeratology, Ortho-K lens or in short OK lens can correct most form of astigmatism except the residual type of astigmatism (Astigmatism that arises within the eye). However, Mr Chew, W OPTICS group of optometrists, mentioned that residual type astigmatism happens in only about 10% of cases. Astigmatism of up to -4.00 degrees can be corrected in advance customised Ortho-K fitting.

Blue and green tinted OK lens to differentiate left and right

Can I see clearly the next day once worn? Any adaptation period?

The softer the cornea of an individual, the faster will be the prescription change after overnight Ortho-K lens wear. But in general for low prescription of less than -2.00 degrees, after the first overnight wear, will be able to see well enough the next day. “Adaptation for Ortho-K is generally quick as most users adapt to the lens within 3-4 overnights wear” Ms Yee Leen, W OPTICS group of optometrists.

I’m able to see well without glasses/contact lenses after one night of wearing Ortho-K lens

How long does the Ortho-K effect last? Do I need to bring my spectacle if I’m having a long day out?

“You’re unlikely to need your glasses even with a long day out. The Ortho-K effect will last through the late evening in majority of cases. Some exception may be in very high prescription of short-sighted of -6.50 degrees & higher.” The effect of Ortho-K lens lasted for almost 12 hours till I need my glasses again.

Image of my right eyes wearing Ortho-K lens.

Is Ortho-K comfortable?

For the first 3-5 days, you can feel the hard lens more, after which the feeling is similar to wearing a soft contact lens.

W OPTICS optometrist, Serene teaching me how to wear my Ortho-K lenses

What are the 3 common reasons adult choose Ortho-K instead of other alternatives?

“Sports, dry eyes with soft contact lens and the weight & appearance of glasses are the three most common reasons for adults to choose Ortho-K lens. Another common reason was the long hours of computer work. Not wearing any contact lenses and glasses after Ortho-K shaping treatment makes one feel more natural and relax at work. Others are because in their line of work that wearing glasses are not allowed or encouraged. There are also appear to have more cases of late-onset adult myopia that are related to intense near work too.” said Mr Chew.

Can I wear beauty contact lens if I’m on Ortho-K?

It is advisable not as we should let our eyes breathe and rest normally after the overnight wearing of Ortho-K lens.

Can Ortho-K correct long-sightedness (Presbyopia)

“Ortho-K can be used to correct long-sightedness (hyperopia or presbyopia 老花). Long-sightedness can happen to any age group or race but more common in Europeans, whereas presbyopia is due to the natural aging of our crystalline lens that makes near reading difficult. However, the treatment zone will be smaller for such design. Therefore the individual lifestyle needs and pupil size of the eye need to be taken into account before going onboard with Ortho-K treatment for this group of user.”

If I stop wearing Ortho-K, how long it takes for my myopia return back to normal?

“That depends on your cornea rigidity, prescription and how many years you’ve been wearing Ortho-K. In general, it‘s about 6-8 days.”

If I stop wearing Ortho-K, will my myopia or astigmatism worsen?

“For children age 5-15 years old, whether myopia management is 50% or 80% effective will, of course, have a bearing in the final power after they stop using Ortho-K lens.”

“In adults, if you stop Ortho-K, your cornea shape will go back to original after 2-3 weeks and your short-sighted & astigmatism will return to pre-treatment power after 6-8 days.” It took me 5 days for my power to return after wearing it daily for a month.

Is it necessary to wear digital(computer) or UV lenses spectacle when on Ortho-K?  

“In 90% of cases, you do not need to wear another pair of glasses to help you see clearer, but if you want to block out more blue light due to long hours of computer work or UV protection from long hours of exposure under hot sun, you can consider an option to wear glasses for it. Currently, I’m wearing Crizal Eyezen, an Essilor lens with 100% UV protect and Prevencia coating.

OK lens kit received at W OPTICS with all the solutions required for cleaning and maintenance


Ortho-K(OK Lens) is available at selected W OPTICS stores

W OPTICS Suntec City #01-400, Opens daily 10:30am – 9:30pm, +65 6730 1303

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W OPTICS is the fastest growing home-grown vision care centre in Singapore, providing optical solutions and products at the forefront of the industry. Offering tailored vision care services that cater to the specific needs of customers, making each client’s visit distinct and exclusive. The W EYExperience offers eye examination that is tailored to individual needs, ranging from standard to a premium comprehensive eye examination necessary for the tech-savvy generation to screen/diagnose different eye conditions or eye diseases.


厌倦了戴眼镜吗?长期戴隐形眼镜会让眼睛变得干燥和长时间在电脑前工作会导致眼睛疲累而视线变的十分模糊就连眼药水都没用了。虽然lasik拉西克手术能解决这些问题,我选择了Ortho-K(OK Lens)/Orthokeratology  /角膜重塑疗法Cornea Reshaping Therapy(CRT)在W OPTICS. 过程只需要确保镜片的保养和卫生,几乎和平常的隐形眼镜管理一样。Ortho-K 能帮助管理孩童们的近视问题,成年人也能有益于 Ortho-K效果。

基本上你需要戴着它睡觉,第二天当你醒来的时候拿下来,你就会有一整天清晰的视线到旁晚。这个循环每天重复你就不需要带任何眼镜或隐形眼镜了。已下是由W OPTICS验光师们的答覆,关注Ortho-K使用和疗程的一系列问题。


Ortho-K镜片能矫真大多数的散光到-4.00的度数,除了残余类型的散光(眼内产生的散光)。Mr Chew说在眼内产生的散光的案例只占了10%。


膜越软,Ortho-K镜片矫正的处方变化就越快。但一般来说,对于低于-2.00度数,经过第一次隔夜穿戴后,第二天就能看得清楚了。Ms Yee Leen,W OPTICS验光师 说Ortho-K的适应性通常很快,大多数用户只需要3到4次的穿戴后就能适应镜片了。






运动,长期戴隐形眼镜导致眼睛变得干燥和敏感和眼镜的重量与外观是3大成人戴Ortho-K的原因。另一个常见的原因是长时间的计算机工作。在Ortho-K塑形治疗后不戴任何隐形眼镜和眼镜,能让人感觉更舒服,在工作中跟放松少了负担。其他人是因为在他们的工作中不允许或鼓励戴眼镜。经以来也有更多迟发性成人近视病例由于 近距离工作有关。









“在成人中,如果你停止戴Ortho-K,你的角膜形状将在2到3周后恢复原状,你的近视和散光将在6到8天后恢复到治疗前的度数。” 使用了1个月后,我不戴了5天我的度数就回道了原点。“


“在90%的情况下,你不需要戴另一副眼镜来帮助你看清楚,但是如果你想要防蓝光或紫外线,你可以考虑选择戴防紫外线和蓝光的眼镜。“目前,我正在佩戴Crizal Eyezen,这是一款具有100%紫外线防护和Prevencia防蓝光的Essilor镜片。

Ortho-K可在指定的W OPTICS商店购买

W OPTICS Suntec City #01-400, 每日10:30am – 9:30pm, 预约号码:+65 6730 1303

24hrs 隐形眼睛/Ortho-K热线: +65 8522 7799 (Call/Whatsapp)


W OPTICS是新加坡本土的视力保健中心,提供最新视力保健解决方案和产品,位于行业的最前沿。提供量身定造的视力保健服务,满足客户的特定需求,让每位客户拥有独特的体验。W EYExperience提供针对性的眼科检查,从普通的眼睛检验到全面的实力检查来筛查或诊断不同眼部疾病或症状。

Content contributed by:

Danson Chong @dansoncongcongchong, 30 years old, Marketing Professional



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