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MATERIKA – 75308 K1115

SGD $390.00 SGD $89.00


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Materika is the luxury line of Look factory. They use high-quality material such as Aluminium and Magnesium, among the most commonly occurring in nature, and we create an alloy: the result is a light, non-magnetic, atoxic material, which is resistant to corrosion, and featured by outstanding mechanical properties.

Lens Description 

  • Crizal Sapphire UV – Enjoy uninterrupted and more vivid vision with nearly invisible* Crizal Sapphire UV. With reduced disturbing reflections from the front and back of the lenses, they ensure you maintain clear and sharp vision all day long – reducing impacts in your daily postures and habits.
  • Crizal Blue UV Capture – Offers complete protection in an all-in-one solution. Achieve visual clarity and comfort with protection against the 7 enemies of clear vision: Reflections, scratches, smudges, dust, water, UV & harmful blue-violet light.
  • NIKON SeeCoat Blue UV – Blue light control technology & full UV protection. Enhanced contrast on digital screens, reduces level of high energy blue light
  • NIKON SeeCoat Plus UV – Advanced clear protection technology. Easy to clean and smudge resistant, scratch and dust resistant.
  • ZEISS BlueProtect –  BlueProtect by ZEISS is a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of their time indoors and are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs as well as TV, computer or tablet screens.
  • ZEISS DuraVision UV –  To meet the challenges of everyday life, we need hard, dirt-resistant lenses that are easy to clean. This is precisely what many anti-reflective lens coatings offer – but the quality of these coatings can vary greatly.


Size Guide

Lens : 53mm – Bridge : 10mm – Temple : 140mm