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W Optics: Press Release 12 April 2018

Posted on April 12, 2018 under News Share


set your sights into the future of vision care with w optics, Singapore’s leading provider of comprehensive eye examination, optical solutions & products across 11 stores islandwide.

Singapore, 12 April 2018 – Founded with a crystal-clear vision to provide a greater level of service and vision care for Singapore, W Optics had already clocked several milestones in vision care since setting up their inaugural store at Suntec City in July 2013. From creating an in-store Virtual Reality experience, conducting public eye health forums, to being one of the few myopia control centres in Singapore, W Optics is proud to add another feather to their hat – a new service named “W EYExperience”.

The W EYExperience Comprehensive Eye Examination ($80) is a 30‑minute eye examination using no less than five clinical grade equipment to detect a variety of eye conditions, so as to enable optometrists to prescribe the most appropriate corrective lenses or alternative vision solutions. In fact, W Optics is the first optical retail chain in Singapore to offer such a comprehensive eye examination, available only at the Suntec City flagship and Great World City stores.

“W Optics is a customer-centric brand that is committed to advancing the service level of vision care in Singapore. Our mantra is ‘service before solutions’, so our patron’s eye health always comes first. The new W EYExperience therefore represents a hallmark of our endeavour, an embodiment of our brand values,” enthused Jonathan Wong, Director of W Optics.

“In vision care, modern technology and capable optometrists are key to raising service standards. To achieve this, we keep ourselves abreast on the latest development in vision care from around the globe, while ensuring our specialists receive regular training to raise their professional competency.”

For vision solutions, W Optics boasts an extensive selection of over 60 brands comprising eyewear, ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses and speciality lenses (Orthokerathology / Ortho-K / OK Lens). With over 3,500 eyewear designs from all‑time favourite, luxury to uber‑luxe labels, W Optics is poised to cater to virtually all style preferences among customers.

W OPTICS SUNTEC CITY (West Wing #01-400) is the brand’s flagship store opened in July 2013 – a 5,000 sq ft optical retail haven that remains the largest vision care store in Singapore till today. Customers can expect to find the latest technologies used for eye examinations at this store, as well as a myriad of vision solutions brands to choose from. There is a Kid’s Corner to educate the young ones on myopia management, while a forum space for holding public talks defines a section of the interior.

In January 2018, W Optics collaborated with Essilor to develop the Vision Studio and Nautilus VR Experience to create a differentiated consumer experience which showcases lifestyle solutions and even myopia management solutions.

W Optics is one of the few optical retail chains in Singapore to offer myopia control services for children in its Myopia Control Centre, located at this flagship store.



A new service created by W Optics, the W EYExperience ($80) is a comprehensive 30-minute eye examination that takes the patient through a battery of six tests, which includes five clinical grade equipment. On the other hand, conventional optical chains in Singapore typically performs only one of these tests. In fact, this service is highly recommended for customers over 40 years of age.

“The W EYExperience test covers some of the most common eye conditions that patients encounter today. As such, a thorough eye examination enables optometrists to detect these problems in order to prescribe the most appropriate corrective lenses. We use only clinical grade equipment so patients can rest assured that our assessment is measured with a high level of accuracy and precision,” said Ms Chua Yee Leen, Senior Optometrist, W Optics.


Ms Chua continues: “Besides the W EYExperience comprehensive eye examination, we are also capable in customising additional tests to examine severe eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma. These tests cost extra and they are performed on a needs-basis depending on the patient’s History Taking and assessment by our highly trained optometrist.”

From cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinopathy (due to diabetes) and several ocular ailments, the W EYExperience reveals what a naked eye cannot see.


The Nikon Lenswear store-in-store concept, located at W Optics Tanglin Mall, is the first in Singapore that features Nikon array of demo tools which exhibit different lens function.

The Cooper Vision store-in-store concept, located at W Optics Tanglin Mall, is the first in South East Asia. It features an interactive wall pillar for customers to learn more about the brand offerings and education on contact lenses care.

24HRS CONTACT LENS HOTLINE: +65 8522 7799 (call / whatsapp) This hotline is manned by a certified optometrist round the clock to dispense immediate advice for problems with contact lenses, such as the contact lens stuck on the eye or torn lenses etc.


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