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Improper use of contact lenses would cause damages to our eyes. Regular aftercare is advised for all wearers.

Contact Lens Fitting And Aftercare - W EYExperience

Clinical Equipments

Auto Refractometer

· Refractive prescription · Keratometry (Cornea curvature)

Slit-lamp Biomicroscopy

This allows our optometrist to explain or follow up the progress of any red eyes, external eye problems, cornea scratches or mild infection etc.

· Specialty contact lens fitting (Ortho-K) · Contact lenses · Dry eyes · Cornea intergrity · Anterior chamber angle · Eyelids condition · Crystalline lens health (Cataract)

Contact Lens Fitting

A fitting will be done to ensure a perfect fit for your eyes as contact lenses fitting varies across all brands. Our optometrist will recommend contact lenses suitable for your current eye health condition and lifestyle. This procedure is recommended if you are purchasing contact lenses that you have never worn before to rule out any possible discomfort.

Contact Lens Safety & Handling

Contact lens handling and aftercare are crucial to ensure the safety of the wearer. Apart from having a good hygiene contact lens regime, regular follow up with an optometrist is important to rule out possible dry eyes or infection earlier so that accurate recommendation can be advised to the wearer. Do not wear your contact lens for more than 8 hours. Daily disposable contact lenses recommended.

Who should go for a Contact Lens Fitting?

Mandatory for all new contact lens wearer. A contact lens fitting procedures involve detailed refraction, an examination of corneal health and its curvature, assessment of tear volume, and quality. Contact lenses with suitable power, material, and parameters will be recommended based on the findings to ensure optimum comfort for the wearer.

Seeing clearly is one thing, Seeing healthily are even more important.

Frequency for an Eye Examination

We generally recommend once a year for all wearer to keep updated on the latest prescription and most importantly the corneal health. However, if you experience any discomfort or blurry vision, please visit a certified optometrist for a review or examination (as advised).


Around 30 minsDuration

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At W Optics, we believe in offering tailored vision care services to cater to the specific needs of customers, making each customer’s visit distinct and exclusive.

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