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test purpose

Overnight contacts to correct Myopia.

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How can you slow down myopia progression in your child?

Orthokeratology slows down Myopia Progression ( short sighted worsening ) significantly as shown by many clinical studies – CRAYON STUDY from OHIO State University USA ; LORIC Study from Hong Kong Polytechnic University; ROMIO Study Australia.

Ortho-K slows down the growth of our eyeball axial length, this can be measure accurately with our Optical Biometer AL Scan. As a more elongated axial length of the eye of the child means worsening of shortsightedness which will lead to higher Myopia prescriptions.

What You Should Know About Orthokeratology?

What is orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology (also referred to as Ortho-K), Cornea Reshaping Therapy(CRT) or OK lens in short. The lenses are worn at night when you’re sleeping.

Ortho-K is a non-surgical procedure using customise contact lens to gently shape the curvature of the cornea to improve vision, most wearers will not need to wear glasses during the day when they are on Ortho-K programme. Most are able to achieve 6/6 visual acuity binocularly.


Orthokeratology benefits both children and adults. The main advantage is they can see clearly all day long without the needs of glasses or contact lenses.

For children and those who have progressive myopia worsening year after year. A major benefit is Ortho-K have been shown in various studies to slow down myopia increase significantly.

Ortho-K procedure is approved by FDA. It does not permanently alter your cornea shape and are reversible once you stop wearing them.

Ortho-K (cornea reshaping) started over 70 years ago. Modern technology in design and production make it a reliable and precise way of safe vision correction.

Orthokeratology is a process that uses customize specialty gas permeable contact lenses to reshape the curvature of the eye to improve vision.

The safe & effective treatment can correct short sightedness, astigmatism. Most Ortho-K wearers will achieved functional clear vision during waking hours & didn’t feel the need of using any glasses throughout the whole day.

The wearers wear the lenses at night to sleep, in the morning they remove the lens after they woke up. They do not need to wear any glasses to school or to work after that.

There are no age limit in Ortho-K fitting. Children as young as 7 yrs old or someone age 70  can be fitted with the lens. Some common cases that are not suitable is underlying eye disease like Keratoconus.

For children, very often the reasons to use Ortho-K is Myopia Control. For adults the reasons are usually lifestyle, very active in sports or somebody that just don’t like to wear glasses.

If you are unable to wear contact lens due to allergy,  dry eyes,  dusty working environment, or tired eyes after staring at computer screen whole day. You may well be a good candidate using Ortho-K.

Most Ortho-K wearers will be able to see clearly without the need of glasses or contact lenses all day long. The wearers need to wear the lenses almost every night to maintain the shape and effect.

In certain cases, some Ortho-K wearers decided they want to have LASIK done after wearing Ortho-K a number of years. They need to do is to stop wearing Ortho-K for 2-4 weeks for the cornea to normalize to its original shape before going for LASIK or other Refractive surgery consultation.

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